Wednesday, 1 June 2016

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Review

Damn, do I love JoJo and this was the part that cemented that for me. Whilst I did like the previous series that covered Parts 1 and 2 of the manga, this adaptation of Part 3 really sealed the deal for me in terms of coming around to the JoJo love. The JoJo community and fan base is very passionate and I didn't quite get it until now.

One of the aspects of JoJo that I like the most is it's very distinctive art and character design. You honestly couldn't mistake JoJo for any other show and the unique art style really is great. The art and animation in general is also very colourful and is very nice to watch. It's a show that is never visually dull and is always doing interesting things with it's visuals. The character designs are very distinctive and memorable, just like the art, especially for the main 5 characters.

The best aspect of JoJo, however, is the definitely the story. Well, not the overarching story, which is a little thin, but the stories in each individual episode. Calling them fights wouldn't be giving the show enough credit. Whilst the show is very action heavy, it's very different from other shounen action shows like Dragonball Z and the like as instead of having the characters become infinitely more powered up and just overcoming any villain with a new form or something, the heroes and villains are both given a defined set of powers and the heroes have to outwit their enemies most of the time in order to win. This makes the show a treat to watch as it's pretty unpredictable how the fights are actually going to be won. The villains in the show are plentiful and are all very creative in terms of what they can do, which, again, makes it very fun and interesting to watch. One negative thing you could say is the show definitely falls into a formula, something the previous anime didn't do, but it's a formula that works. Despite being 48 episodes long, it never gets stale or boring to watch, and you remain invested throughout the show, especially towards the end. The show is also quite funny in places and is often light hearted but manages to be intense and serious in the right places and gets a good mix that I found to be just right.

JoJo Part 3 is show that balances action and comedy very well and was an extremely fun ride from beginning to end. If you enjoy shounen battle shows at all, I'd highly recommend this show as it's one of the best there is. Bring on Part 4!


Original Publish Date: 19/6/15

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